Roller-chopper trailed GENERAL CRASHER 6

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Каток-измельчитель прицепной GENERAL CRASHER 6

  1. Robust frame with wall thickness up to 32 mm
  2. The hydraulic system provides a convenient transfer of the unit to the working position from the transport and vice versa
  3. Robust double roller bearing assembly
  4. Knives hardened from high-carbon steel, which ensures a long service life
  5. Equipped with two types of water-filled rollers, straight and staggered
  6. Replaceable knives for ease of maintenance of the unit
  7. Large wheels provide good maneuverability in the transport position

Roller-chopper of crop residues GENERAL CRASHER 6

GENERAL CRASHER trailed crop residue shredder is a special agricultural equipment that will help you efficiently and efficiently grind crop residues after harvesting grain, vegetable and industrial crops and evenly distribute them across the field, mulching the soil to protect it from erosion, drying out and growth weeds on it! Our chopper rollers are foldable for easy transportation, and to increase the efficiency and weight of the rollers, you can pour used oil or water into the drums of the rollers! The GENERAL CRASHER does a great job on heavy clay soil, and in wet weather its internal tank and between the teeth will not get clogged with debris!

Key Benefits

  • Strong and rigid frame with a wall thickness of 8 mm
  • Movable roller wings that allow the working bodies to follow the complex terrain of the field
  • Water-filled drums with a diameter of 470 mm, for the possibility of adjusting the weight of the rollers
  • Interchangeable staggered or solid blades made from 8mm premium grade 45 hardened steel
  • Powerful hydraulic drive for folding and unfolding the roller
  • Primer and polymer paint for reliable protection against damage and corrosion


  • Aggregation method : Trailed
  • Tractor power: from 80 hp
  • Capture width: from 80 hp
  • Weight: 1800 – 2200 kg
  • Frame Thickness : 8mm
  • Type of knife arrangement : Solid / Chess
  • Characteristics of knives: Thickness – 8 mm, Material: Hardened steel grade 45
  • Angle of attack of knives: 110o
  • Characteristics of the rollers: Diameter of the water filling drum – 470 mm,
  • Roller shaft diameter: 60 mm
  • Bearing type : Double roller (France)
  • Hydraulic drive:

– Hydraulic cylinder: size: 40x80x320, service life: 10,000 full strokes, max. pressure: 20 MPa
– Two-braided high pressure hoses

  • Includes cables for fixing the wings of the rink
Aggregation method



8 га/час

Working speed

10-20 км/час

Capture width

6 м

Number of rollers

3 шт

Unit weight

1800 – 2200 кг

Tractor power

от 80 л.с.

Bearing type

Double roller bearing (France)

Water drum diameter

470 мм

Type of knife arrangement


Characteristics of knives

Thickness – 8 mm Angle of attack – 110° Steel type – hardened steel grade 45

Transport width

2.2 м

Hydraulic drive

1 шт.


от 80 л.с.

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