Mounted spring harrow GENERAL STRIEGEL

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Spring Mounted Harrow

for seedlings GENERAL STRIEGEL

The light spring harrow GENERAL STRIEGEL is designed for harrowing crops and shoots to break the soil crust, especially on heavy soils. seedlings. As a rule, a large amount of precipitation in the period before germination, hot dry weather leads to the formation of a soil crust, prevents air access, makes it difficult for plants to germinate – the GENERAL STRIEGEL harrow solves these problems!

Spring L-shaped flexible teeth are installed on this model of a spring harrow. Structurally due to the increased mobility and vibration of the teeth, it provides high-quality loosening, weeding in the “white thread” stage, while carefully affecting the seedlings of cultivated plants. Also, this harrow is equipped with unique removable support wheels, which you can install anywhere on the frame. The wheels perform a stabilizing function, they allow you to work stably at a given depth, preventing the harrow from tilting to the right or left. The wheels have a precise height adjustment, and they can also be used to adjust the working depth.

Application range of GENERAL STRIEGEL :

Weeding and backfilling of weeds in the “white thread” stage
Regulation of water balance (retention and accumulation of productive moisture and destruction of the soil crust) and air-gas exchange
Loosening and leveling of the soil surface

Technical and functional characteristics

  • Way of aggregation with a tractor : Hinged
  • Capture width: 9 m
  • Number of rows: 5
  • Depth of processing: up to 80 mm
  • Tractor power: from 50 hp
  • Working speed : 8 – 12 km/h
  • Productivity : 9 – 12 ha/hour
  • Frame wall thickness : 4mm

Dimensions :

  • In working position: Width – 9 m, Length – 1.7 m, Height – 1 m
  • In transport position: Width – 3.15 m, Length – 2.2 m Height – 3.5 m

Working bodies:

  • 120 pieces of spring L-shaped flexible teeth
  • tooth size – 7×560 mm
  • Material: Grade 70 grade 1 hardened steel, powder coated
  • wear resistance: up to 5000 ha.

Hydraulic drive:

  • 2 reliable hydraulic cylinders with a diameter of 80 mm and a chrome-plated 40 mm rod produced by Profmash Ukraine
  • High-quality steel hydraulic pipes of a high pressure “Hansa-Flex” Germany.
  • Durable two-braid high-pressure hoses “Agroimpuls” Ukraine.

The model is equipped with interchangeable fingers with oilers made of durable steel 45 grade

2 removable supports for support wheels
Cotter pins and clamping bolts for adjusting the height of the wheels and the working depth of the harrow

Universal tires 5.00 R10
Hubs removable KRN

All elements undergo mandatory processing, namely: cleaning, grinding and sandblasting! Before painting, primer and dry with a heat gun! At the end, all parts are covered with a highly resistant polyurethane coating and dried in a drying chamber!

Functional Properties :

  • Hydraulic spreading mechanism of the harrow
  • Height adjustable support wheels for stable operation at a given depth
  • Adjustment of working depth by tractor hitch or wheel height
  • Teeth angle adjustment

Recommendations for use

In order to achieve the best result, it is necessary to choose the hour of GENERAL STRIEGEL’s work at the moment of sleepy weather, so that it dries up the wretchedness of the germs of the bourgeoisie. Give respect to those, so that the earth would not be more watery. Optimum injection into the soil, clay, as well as roughness and regulation of the teeth are due to the technologies of growing okremih selskogopodarsky crops. Under the hour of harrowing, the wind speed may become 8-12 km/year. The soil at any intensity collapses, the weeds zasinaetsya, safer and better results of the struggle with it.

Competently, that timely victorious borin suttєvo lowers the co-branding of the cultivation of agricultural crops, soon vitrati for chemical processing.

Tooth type

Г-shaped flexible springs

Processing depth

до 8 см

Hydraulic drive

2 hydraulic cylinders with 80 mm sleeve and 40 mm rod

Capture width

9/15/18 м

Support wheels

2 шт. Шины 5.00 R10

Angle of attack adjustment



От 50 л.с


Г-образная 7х560 мм

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