Большой штат профессионалов своего дела!

Large team of professionals!

Every day more and more people learn about us and the number of orders is growing exponentially, so we are expanding production, modernizing equipment and increasing the staff!

Цех гидравлики на заводе General Machines

Hydraulics shop at General Machines

Work hydraulics in the production of front loaders and other agricultural equipment: cultivators, chopping rollers, choppers, rotary and harrow harrows, dumps, buckets, grippers, forks, at MTZ

Малярный цех на заводе General Machines

Paint shop at General Machines

An important element of reliability and long service life in the production of agricultural machinery (front-end loaders (KUNs), cultivators, chopping rollers, choppers, rotary harrows and harrows, dumps, buckets)

General Machines — внимание к деталям

General Machines – attention to detail

Attention to detail is one of the main principles of General Machines. After all, the final quality and reliability of the product depends on the quality of all its components. Specialists work at our factory

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