Установка фронтального погрузчика

Front loader installation

Dear customers, the process of installing a GENERAL front loader is just a few consistent and simple steps.

Firstly, we install the left and right racks on the tractor side members, fasten them with a hardware group, which is already included with the loader. Install the air receiver. Next, we drive the tractor to the loader so that the hooks on the racks are directed to the locks on the boom. After that, we connect the hydraulic system by simply connecting the breakaway couplings. Using the hydraulic system, raise the loader boom to the level of the connecting locks and drive the tractor closer until the hooks on the racks are fully connected with the locks. After that, close the connecting locks by simply turning the handle and locking the fingers. To aggregate the loader with a bucket, it is necessary to hook the bucket hooks with a shaft on the front of the boom and fix it by returning the lever.

Welcome, your loader is ready for any job. Changing the bucket with another working body is carried out exactly as simple as its aggregation, and to remove the entire boom, simply expose the support legs, disconnect the breakaway couplings and open the connecting locks and the removed loader.

We wish you a pleasant and efficient operation.


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