Quick hitch front loader GENERAL X

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Frontal quick-detachable loader for tractor GENERAL X

The GENERAL X quick-detachable front loader is a universal assistant in any household that will turn your tractor into a full-fledged machine for loading and transporting any kind of cargo, leveling the soil and clearing the territory. Our front loader has been tested for strength and reliability, has international quality certification, is guaranteed to withstand a load of up to 2000 kg and allows you to load euro trucks of any height! Its installation on a tractor and connection to its hydraulic system takes a few minutes – and it is immediately ready to start working!

Key Benefits

  • The unique design and copying system of the loader, which allows you to load trailers up to 5 m in height with bulk cargo without spilling!
  • Flat racks for mounting the loader on the tractor, subframe links to the rear axle and a tie screw on the boom, due to which the entire load is shifted to the center of the tractor and additional rigidity of the entire structure is created, which completely eliminates the possibility of breaking your tractor and ensures maximum reliability in operation!
  • Manufactured from first-class steel with wall thickness up to 30 mm
  • Reliable and high-quality imported outdoor type hydraulic system
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinders with a 50 mm rod with SS bearings, which ensure stable operation on uneven surfaces and protect the boom and hydraulic cylinders from breakage
  • Replaceable bushings and pins with grease fittings
  • Ability to change and install different types of buckets and equipment
  • Joystick for comfortable and easy control of the loader (additional option).


  • Aggregation method : Hinged
  • Aggregated with tractors: All modifications: MTZ-80, MTZ-82, MTZ-892, MTZ-920, MTZ-1025; YuMZ
  • Max. working height : 4.3 / 4.8 m (with bucket) ; 6 / 6.5 m (with big bag hook)
  • Load capacity : up to 2000 kg
  • Copy System: Yes
  • Boom wall thickness: up to 12 mm
  • Wall thickness of racks and fastenings to spars: 30 mm

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic cylinders: on the rise: 50x80x630 mm ShS; eversion: 40x80x320 mm
  • Lifetime: 10,000 full strokes
  • Max pressure: 20 MPa
  • High pressure steel pipes Hansa-Flex (Germany)
  • Double braided high pressure hoses
  • Replaceable pins with grease fittings and bushings


  • Bucket Standart ( Dimensions : 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 / 2.2 / 2.4 m ,

Volume : 0.65 / 0.85 / 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.5 m3
Max. wall thickness : 8 mm
Knife : hardened steel 15 mm )

  • Racks and fastenings to spars
  • Underframe traction to the rear axle
  • Lacing screw
  • Tractor hydraulic connection kit
  • Joystick and connection kit (Additional option)
Working height

4.3 / 4.8 м

Maximum load capacity

2000 кг

Replaceable working bodies


Boom quick release system


Bucket width

1.6 / 1.8 / 2 / 2.2 / 2.4 м

Bucket volume

0.65 / 0.85 / 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.5 м3

Copy system


Control type

Tractor hydraulic valve/Joystick

Aggregated with tractors

All modifications : МТЗ-80 , МТЗ-82 , МТЗ-892 , МТЗ-920 , МТЗ-1025 ; ЮМЗ

Aggregation method


Hydraulic drive

Rise: 50x80x630 ShS Eversion: 40x80x320

Load capacity

до 2000 кг

Max Height

4.3 / 4.8 м


МТЗ (80, 82, 892, 920, 1025 ) ; ЮМЗ

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