Премиальный производитель навесного оборудования для тракторов General Machines

Premium Tractor Attachment Manufacturer General Machines

Welcome to the General Machines team at our plant in Zaporozhye. It is here that powerful loaders of European quality known throughout Ukraine for your tractors are created. We also produce mounted loader cranes, grader and utility blades, mounted and trailed cultivators, spring and rotary harrows and chopper rollers! We believe and prove that it is possible to create the highest quality product at affordable prices in Ukraine! Therefore, each person in our team is a professional in his field, who burns with an idea and works sparing no effort! Our designers and engineers regularly study the problems and wishes of farmers from all over Ukraine in order to create unique equipment to simplify and comfort the work of our customers! In production, we use only first-class materials and parts, work is performed with high-quality tools and advanced foreign equipment! Every year: we turn more than 2,000,000 kg of steel into reliable special equipment, weld more than 100,000 meters of high-quality welds! At every stage of production, from cutting to assembly, our specialists carry out thorough quality control!

We carry out mandatory tests and checks for compliance with European quality standards for all equipment and machines manufactured at our factory! We do not stand still and are constantly working to improve the quality and relevance of products, so we regularly introduce new technological solutions and modernize production! All our products are anti-corrosion primed, painted and dried in a special painting chamber to maintain the reliability of all elements for many years! General Machines is, first of all, customer care, unconditional product quality, service and round-the-clock support throughout the work! Thanks to our own logistics and truck fleet, we annually carry out more than 3,000 large-sized, safe and fast deliveries of our products to anywhere in Ukraine! General Machines – we are your advantage.


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