Mounted spring harrow GENERAL SPRING

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Spring Mounted Harrow

for processing before sowing and after harvesting GENERAL SPRING

The light spring harrow GENERAL SPRING has many agronomic advantages and offers a wide range of applications. This model of spring harrow is fitted with spring-loaded, straight, rigid tines. These aggressive tines evenly distribute plant residues across the field so that they can be evenly covered in the next tillage. Also, this harrow is effectively used for the first surface stubble stubble, the introduction of intermediate crops, soil care and preparation for sowing, opening and warming up the soil in spring, closing moisture and aerating the soil!

Application range of GENERAL SPRING :

Uniform distribution of crop residues after harvesting
Leveling the soil surface
Destroying weeds
Pre-sowing spring cultivation and warming up the soil
Moisture closure (breaking capillaries) and oxygenation of the soil
Stubble plowing

Technical and functional characteristics

Way of aggregation with a tractor : Hinged

  • Capture width: 9 m
  • Number of rows: 5
  • Working depth : 40 – 120 mm
  • Tractor power: from 50 hp
  • Working speed : 8 – 10 km/h
  • Productivity : 9 – 12 ha/hour
  • Frame wall thickness : 4mm

Dimensions :

  • In working position: Width – 9 m, Length – 1.7 m, Height – 1 m
  • In transport position: Width – 4.5 m, Length – 1.7 m Height – 3.5 m

Working bodies:

  • 120 pcs spring straight hard teeth
  • tooth size – 10*400 mm
  • Material: Grade 70 grade 1 hardened steel, powder coated
  • wear resistance: up to 5000 ha.

Hydraulic drive:

  • 2 reliable hydraulic cylinders with a piston of 80 mm and a chrome-plated 40 mm rod produced by Profmash Ukraine
  • High-quality steel hydraulic pipes of a high pressure “Hansa-Flex” Germany.
  • Durable two-braid high-pressure hoses “Agroimpuls” Ukraine.

The model is equipped with interchangeable fingers with oilers made of durable steel 45 grade

All elements undergo mandatory processing, namely: cleaning, grinding and sandblasting! Before painting, primer and dry with a heat gun! At the end, all parts are covered with a highly resistant polyurethane coating and dried in a drying chamber!

Functional Properties :

  • Hydraulic spreading mechanism of the harrow
  • Adjustment of working depth by tractor hitch
  • Teeth angle adjustment
Tooth type

Straight hard springs

Processing depth

4 -12 см

Aggregation method


Tractor power

от 50 л.с.

Hydraulic drive

2 hydraulic cylinders with a diameter of 80 mm and a 40 mm rod

Capture width

9 / 15 / 18 м

Angle of attack adjustment



от 50 л.с.


Прямая 10х400 мм

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