Construction bucket GENERAL

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Construction bucket GENERAL

The construction bucket is characterized by greater structural rigidity and is equipped with teeth. It is excellent for transporting and loading heavy bulk goods, building materials, etc. up to 2000 kg, carrying out planning work and clearing the territory!

Key Benefits

  • Robust and rigid construction withstands loads up to 2000 kg
  • Hardened knife with a thickness of 15 mm
  • Hardened teeth with a thickness of 30 mm


  • Width : 1.6 m
  • Volume: 0.65 m3
  • Maximum load: 2000 kg
  • Bucket wall thickness: 4mm
  • Knife: 15 mm hardened steel
  • Teeth: 30 mm hardened steel
Maximum load capacity

2000 кг

Bucket volume

0.65 м3

Bucket width

1.6 м

Load capacity

2000 кг


0.65 м3


1.6 м

Wall thickness

4 мм

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