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Ковш челюстной GENERAL JAWS

  1. 10 mm thick high carbon steel teeth for a firm grip
  2. Hardened knives 15 mm thick
  3. Reinforced bucket design with stiffeners and a wall thickness of 6 mm
  4. High-pressure steel pipes of external type “Hansa-Flex” (Germany)
  5. Powerful hydraulic cylinders with 80 mm sleeve and 40 mm chrome rod
  6. Lubricated 45 steel pins with press


The multifunctional jaw bucket GENERAL allows you to do up to 5 different operations – gripping, loading and unloading, leveling and dosing. This bucket is successfully used as a bulldozer blade and hydraulic grab, it replaces highly specialized loading, digging, clamshell and scraper buckets.

Key Benefits

  • The versatility and economy of the bucket allows it to be used for gripping, loading and unloading, leveling and dosing, saving you time and money.
  • Robust and rigid construction with wall thickness up to 10 mm
  • Three hardened knives with a thickness of 15 mm
  • 10 mm teeth on the edges of the “jaw” of the bucket
  • Three hardened knives with a thickness of 15 mm
  • Powerful hydraulic drive with two hydraulic cylinders with 40 mm rod
  • Lubricated pins for long life and ease of maintenance


  • Width : 1.8 / 2 m
  • Volume: 0.85 / 1.1 m3
  • Maximum load: 2000 kg
  • Bucket wall thickness: 6mm
  • Knives: 3 pcs. hardened steel
  • Hydraulic drive: 2 Hydraulic cylinders 80x40x320 mm

High pressure steel tubes (Germany)
Double braided high pressure hoses

Maximum load capacity

2000 кг

Bucket width

1.8 / 2 м

Bucket volume

0.85 / 1.1 м3

Control type

From tractor distributor or joystick

Hydraulic drive

2 шт.

Load capacity

2000 кг


0.85 / 1.1 м3


1.8 / 2 м

Wall thickness

6 мм

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