Погрузчик КУН на трактор General 2000. 

Loader KUHN for tractor General 2000

Loader KUHN for tractor General 2000.

Being assembled with love in the industrial giant – the city of Zaporozhye, he immediately makes it clear that he does not intend to stand idle. He tries to be both comfortable in work and as productive as possible. For the first time, we even approached its test drive with some apprehension – after all, with its powerful bucket, equipped with a hardened knife made of special steel, it literally rakes everything in its path.

Such units can be afforded by people who have a tractor, and given how many hundreds of tons the loader General intends and, most importantly, is able to overload, it is unlikely that anyone will be scared away by its rather modest cost. Much more important is its performance and comfort of control – after all, there is a copy system and various types of stabilizers to ensure you a smoother operation. Its practicality is also striking – after all, the entire unit is removed from the tractor in just 2-3 minutes and by just one person.

In addition, true professionals, in order to be able to tame it 100% and reload a record amount of cargo, can equip it with a joystick to control it. Just imagine yourself in the cab of a tractor, where you can control the steering wheel with one hand and command the General with the other, feeling like a real pilot of a high-speed fighter.

Loader General 2000 radiates strength and power, demonstrating with all its appearance that it is ready to start high loads at any moment. Its strength is emphasized by large hydraulic cylinders, thick walls on the structure itself, and a large number of plates and stiffeners.

Despite the impressive lifting characteristics, the weight of the loader itself does not go beyond the bounds of decency – after all, special steel alloys with increased wear resistance and hardness are used at points of maximum load.

In practice: keep me seven – six failed.

And here is the most interesting. We turn the lever, remove the bucket with a slight movement – and the General loader is ready to take on the service of pallet forks, crane attachments and hooks for big bags, jaw bucket, log grippers and other units from its arsenal – it all depends on what task You give him.

And let someone choose another loader for themselves: brought from Western countries or China, or maybe the cheapest, as they say “garage assembly”, but the Loader General 2000 will definitely make its owner a little happier than before the moment of its purchase.


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