Современные пружинные бороны

Modern spring harrows GENERAL MACHINES

The spring harrow is designed for effective soil preparation, it evenly distributes crop residues across the field so that they can be evenly covered during the next tillage , it is used for the first superficial stubble breaking, the introduction of catch crops, soil care and preparation for sowing, opening and warming up soil in spring ,closing moisture and soil aeration! The innovation relates to agricultural machinery. Due to the growth and development of agriculture, the demand for various types of harrows is also increasing every year. The spring harrow is best suited for use in various ecological farms and on different types of soil.


Our designers have developed a unique frame and introduced modifications to increase the efficiency and stability of the spring harrow!

Современные пружинные бороны

The main working body of the harrow is a conical torsion spring with two ends with a diameter of 7-10 mm. The special design and powder polymer coating avoids rapid wear of the teeth. The basic principle of operation is the vibrational effect (occurs in the longitudinal plane) on the fertile soil layer. As a result, cultivated land is better and more efficiently loosened.

Our spring harrows come with detachable, height-adjustable support wheels that you can mount anywhere on the frame. They allow you to ensure maximum stability of the harrow at a given depth and avoid distortions!

The spring harrow GENERAL allows you to change the level of impact of the teeth on the soil, by adjusting the angle of attack. This is done smoothly and stepwise, the racks change their position. As the angle of inclination decreases, soil mixing also decreases, resulting in a mulch layer (surface water inflows are prevented). A more aggressive way of cultivating the soil is achieved by increasing the angle of inclination of the spring tines.

Thanks to the powerful hydraulic drive, you can quickly fold or unfold our spring harrow. In the folded position, the wings of our harrow are at an acute angle to the harrow frame, which ensures convenient and safe transportation of the spring harrow!


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