О сварке и её важности при производстве погрузчиков General

About welding and its importance in the production of General loaders

Reliability and strength are key criteria in the production of agricultural equipment for MTZ, YuMZ, KhTZ tractors.
Welding is the most important element for ensuring the strength and reliability of metal structures in the production of loaders, coons, cultivators, manipulators, choppers, dumps, rotary harrows General. The quality and accuracy of the welded seam and, as a result, the quality and strength of metal structures for KUHN depend on the quality of welding, on the professionalism of the personnel in this area. Only those specialists who have the highest level of qualification (not lower than 4 categories) are allowed to work at our plant. The welding work itself is carried out on advanced semi-automatic welding machines.

At General Machines, every detail matters, which is why every metal structure after welding is checked by a specialist from the quality department for the accuracy and tightness of the welds. We use an ultrasonic method to check the penetration depth.

And only after that the product goes to the next stage of production! As a leading agricultural company, we regularly communicate with farmers and know the whole kitchen of agriculture from the inside, therefore, when manufacturing attachments for tractors, we take into account all the subtleties and problems that modern farmers face.

General Machines – strength above all!

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важности при производстве погрузчиков General 2
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