Slewing crane GENERAL CRANE Max 6

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Кран-манипулятор поворотный GENERAL CRANE Max 6

  1. Powerful and reliable hydraulic drive and hydraulic lock system for safe operation
  2. 160 degree swivel and soft boom slewing mechanism
  3. Thrust feet with hydraulic control
  4. Sturdy 8mm high carbon seamless steel tube frame
  5. Convenient control from a 5-section distributor

Mounted swivel crane GENERAL CRANE Max 6

This slewing crane-manipulator is universal, reliable and cost-effective and is used in all types of economic activity to perform manipulations of any complexity with loads weighing up to 1500 tons at a distance of up to 6 m.

GENERAL CRANE Max 6.0 is characterized by:

  • It is easy to use and cost-effective due to the simple and reliable mechanism design, which uses wear-resistant interchangeable parts.
  • Crane boom with telescopic roller extendable mechanism that allows working at a distance of up to 6 m
  • Has a durable swivel mechanism with increased reliability with thrust ball and deep groove bearings
  • Conveniently controlled from an external separate 5-section hydraulic valve for independent pressure adjustment in each hydraulic cylinder, which allows you to accurately control the operation of the crane and separately adjust the height of the support legs for stable operation on any surface!
  • It has a unique folding design that allows you to quickly bring it to work position and back and simplifies transportation.
  • Due to the universal 3-point linkage and mounted aggregation with a tractor, it can be easily and quickly delivered to the right place and, if desired, quickly removed from the rear linkage
  • Has a 360° swivel hook with a lifting capacity of 3 tons, which is ideal for handling Big Bags.
  • Hydraulic drive with powerful and reliable hydraulic cylinders, external high pressure steel tubes with hydraulic locks and double-braided high pressure hoses!

Distinctive features of the model

  • Swivel units, with thrust ball and radial bearings, as a result, increased reliability and durability of units and structures
  • Convenient external control from a 5-section hydraulic valve
  • Universal 3-point tractor hitch
  • Unique foldable design that improves compactness, simplifies and speeds up transport and installation of the loader crane
  • The mechanism of smooth rotation of the boom is implemented
  • 360° swivel hook with a lifting capacity of 3 tons
  • Powerful and reliable hydraulic drive with hydraulic locks

Technical and functional characteristics

  • Maximum working height: 6.2 m
  • Boom reach: 4.2 m
  • Rotation angle: 160o
  • Crane capacity: 1500 kg
  • Dimensions:

– Height in transport position: 3.4 m
– Width in working position: 3.4 m
– Width in transport position: 1.4 m

  • Frame: Made of 8mm high carbon seamless steel tube
  • Hydraulic system:

– 4 hydraulic cylinders with a sleeve 80 mm and a rod 50 mm (2 on the legs and 2 for lifting the boom,
– 1 hydraulic cylinder with a sleeve 80 mm and a rod 40 mm for turning the crane,
– 1 hydraulic cylinder with a sleeve 100 mm and a rod 50 mm for extending the boom
– “Profmash” (Ukraine)
– Hydraulic pipes made of hardened steel “Hansa-Flex” (Germany)
– Strong high-pressure hoses “Agroimpuls” Ukraine.

  • Units with replaceable bushings
  • Lubricated pins with 45 steel grease fittings
  • Finger pins for ease of use
  • Rollers in boom extension

All elements undergo mandatory processing, namely: cleaning, grinding and sandblasting! Before painting, primer and dry with a heat gun! At the end, all parts are covered with a polyurethane coating and dried in a drying chamber!

Functional properties:

  • Adjustable tap angle
  • Crane height adjustment
  • Crane boom adjustment
  • Precise height adjustment of each foot for stable operation on any surface
Load capacity

1500 кг

Working height

6.5 м

Boom reach

4 м

Angle of rotation


Aggregation method


Hydraulic drive

6 шт.

Max Height

6.5 м


от 50 л.с.


External from 5-section hydraulic valve

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