Universal (communal) double-sided blade GENERAL UNIVERSAL

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Универсальный (коммунальный) двусторонний отвал GENERAL UNIVERSAL

  1. Quick-release strong shovel with stiffening ribs with fixation on fingers 30 mm
  2. Wear-resistant rubber with reinforcement with a thickness of 40 mm
  3. Hardened blade 15 mm with hardened bolts
  4. Powerful hydraulic actuator with 40 mm stem for height adjustment
  5. Bracket for hydraulic cylinder
  6. One-piece attachments to tractor side members 14 mm thick
  7. Quick-detachable reinforced mounting of the blade from pipes 10 mm thick
  8. Mechanical swivel adjustment

Universal (communal) double-sided blade for tractor GENERAL UNIVERSAL

Mounted grader blade for tractor GENERAL UNIVERSAL is a universal equipment for your tractor that will help you in quick and high-quality cleaning of the territory from snow, ice and debris, profiling areas and slopes, leveling and moving the soil. Thanks to the unique design, the blade has two replaceable edges, one of which is equipped with a 15 mm hardened steel blade, and the other with 40 mm wear-resistant rubber! This allows us to use our plow for a variety of cleaning and landscaping tasks!

Mounting the blade on the tractor and connecting to the hydraulic system takes only a couple of minutes – and it is immediately ready to start working!

Key Benefits

  • Quick-detachable design of the blade and shovel with fixation on pins with a cotter pin
  • Rigid and durable shovel made of 4 mm first-class steel and reinforced with stiffeners
  • Replaceable edges fixed with hardened bolts
  • 15mm hardened blade and 40mm reinforced wear rubber
  • Powerful hydraulic actuator with hydraulic cylinder with 40 mm rod for height adjustment
  • Mechanical swivel adjustment
  • Grease pins for long life and easy maintenance
  • Primer and polymer paint for reliable protection against damage and corrosion


  • Aggregation method : Hinged
  • Aggregated with tractors: All models: MTZ, YuMZ
  • Shovel wall thickness: 4mm
  • Shovel height: 80 cm
  • Shovel width: 250 cm
  • Knife : 15 mm hardened steel
  • Rubber: 40 mm reinforced wear-resistant
  • Wall thickness of fastenings to side members: 14 mm
  • Hydraulic drive:

– Hydraulic cylinder: on the rise: 40x80x320

  • work life: 10,000 full strokes
  • max.pressure:20MPa

– Double braided high pressure hoses

  • Replaceable pins with grease fittings
  • Pins 30 mm with cotter pin

80 см

Height adjustment

From hydraulic drive

Swivel mechanism


Capture width

2.5 м

Shovel metal thickness

4 мм

Hydraulic drive

1 шт.




2.5 м

Wall thickness

4 мм

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