General Machines — передовое предприятие

General Machines is a cutting edge enterprise

Today, General Machines is a leading manufacturer of
agricultural machinery (front-end loaders (KUNs), cultivators, chopping rollers-choppers, rotary harrows and harrows, dumps, buckets) at MTZ, YuMZ, KhTZ, DTZ, John Deere, New Holland, Case in Ukraine. Our plant uses the best modern foreign machines, equipment and apparatus, introduces its own technical developments, conducts strict quality control at all stages of production, regularly upgrades production facilities, ensures labor protection and pays high salaries and bonuses! All this distinguishes our company from the background of many other manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Ukraine! Our goal is to provide all Ukrainian farmers with reliable machinery and equipment for confident work for maximum results!

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General Machines — передовое предприятие фото 2
General Machines — передовое предприятие фото 3


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