Solid mounted cultivator 2-row GENERAL KSN-4.8 Bellota

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Культиватор сплошной навесной 2-х рядный GENERAL КСН-4.8 Bellota

  1. BELLOTA wedge shares 260 mm wide made of hardened boron steel
  2. BELLOTA S-shaped vibrating poles (70×12 mm) made of resilient boron steel
  3. Robust 3-point rigid hitch
  4. Adjusting the height of the rollers and the depth of the cultivator
  5. Removable mounts for rollers
  6. Adjustment of working depth and angle of attack of the rake
  7. Hardened spring tines (8×320 mm) made of hardened steel 70
  8. Japanese bearings UCF 208 in cast iron housing
  9. Powerful press rollers with a diameter of 300 mm

Mounted 2-row cultivator (with support wheels) GENERAL KSN BELLOTA 4.8

Mounted cultivator GENERAL KSN is universal and is used for pre-sowing cultivation and continuous processing of fallows. This cultivator in just one pass across the field provides a complete preparation of the soil for sowing!

GENERAL KSN combines the simultaneous execution of 7 operations:

  • cleaning steam from weeds with cutting and combing their roots
  • loosening the soil without reversing the layer and incorporating plant residues
  • crushing clods of earth and leveling the soil with a rake with spring teeth
  • compaction and formation of the ideal structure of the surface layer of the soil by packers to prevent moisture evaporation.

This cultivator is equipped with passive vibrating Bellota S-tines made of highly elastic boron steel. This type of racks is recommended to be used on dry crumbly soil. Thanks to different types of soil and critical loads do not break!

The working bodies on this model are evenly staggered in three rows. This arrangement of racks provides an impeccable effect of loosening and mixing the soil, while not clogging with weeds and plant debris!

Range of application of GENERAL KSN:

  • Pre-sowing cultivation and seed bed preparation
  • Continuous processing and cleaning of vapors from weeds
  • Plowing leveling


  • Aggregation method: Hinged
  • Capture width: 4.8 m
  • Number of rows: 2
  • Processing depth: 4-12 cm
  • Working bodies:

– Type of tine: Passive vibrating S-shaped Bellota made of high tensile steel
– Greaser bushing for lubricating the changeable screed bushings
– Quantity : 19 pcs.
– Spacing: uniform staggered 220 mm
– Share width: 260 mm
– Shank and shank material: Forged, hardened boron steel with polymer

  • ultra-resistant coating
  • Frame with 5 mm wall thickness
  • Equipment:

– Tine rakes with hard spring teeth 8×320 mm made of hardened steel grade 70
– Press rollers with a diameter of 300 mm, a knife thickness of 6 mm and bearings in a UCF 208 cast iron housing (Japan)

  • Lubricated actuator pins
  • Pins made of steel 45 with cotter pin

All elements of the cultivator undergo mandatory processing, namely: cleaning, grinding and sandblasting! Before painting, primer and dry with a heat gun! At the end, all parts are covered with a polyurethane coating and dried in a drying chamber!

Functional properties
  • Adjustment of the angle of attack and the depth of processing of the tines.
  • Height adjustment of the press rollers.
  • Adjustment of the depth of processing of the cultivator due to the height of the rollers and the hitch of the tractor.
Aggregation method


Tractor power

от 90 л.с.


4 – 5,5 га/час

Capture width

4.8 м

Кол-во рядов


Mounting type

Universal 3-Point Rigid Hitch / Automatic Hitch

Processing depth

5-12 см

Working body type

Bellota vibrating S-pillars

Rack spacing

Шахматный равномерный 220 мм

Paw width

260 мм

Working speed

8-12 км/час


от 90 л.с.


Вибрирующая S-образная Bellota

Depth adjustment

Навеской трактора и катками

Rake adjustment


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