Трактор марки МТЗ 82, укомплектованный КУНом

Tractor brand MTZ 82, equipped with KUHN

Tractor brand MTZ 82, equipped with KUHN

Tractors of the Minsk plant are very popular throughout the post-Soviet space. Their release was started in 1949, immediately after the restoration of Minsk after the Great Patriotic War. Since then, the Minsk Tractor Plant has produced over 3 million tractors of this brand. In addition, the MTZ holding is engaged in the production of motoblocks, attachments and spare parts for tractor equipment of its own production.

The Minsk holding, which currently includes 9 related industries, exports its products not only to the CIS countries, but also to 83 countries of the world. Back in the Soviet period, wheeled tractors of the MTZ-80, MTZ-82 and Belarus brands were widely used. Tractor equipment of the MTZ brand became the most massive in the world after the first wheeled tractor of this series rolled off the Minsk conveyor in 1974.

Tractor MTZ-80 and MTZ-82

Both models run on a four-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine D-240. This is a powerful and reliable power unit, showing good traction. Both models have a semi-frame design, in which the diesel engine is located in front of the tractor driver’s cab. Both tractors are driven by large diameter rear wheels. The front wheels steered by the tractor driver have a smaller diameter.

The MTZ-82 model differs from the MTZ-80 only in the presence of front-wheel drive. Both tractors have a high degree of unit unification, which is at least 70%. The manufacturer is constantly improving the MTZ80 and MTZ-82 tractors, thanks to which they have been in constant demand on the market for 46 years.

In 2000, the Minsk Tractor Plant began to produce both MTZ tractors under the Belarus brand. During the release of these models, tractor developers have created more than 200 types of attachments, which make Minsk wheeled tractors universal and indispensable in various areas of economic life:

  • in construction;
  • in agriculture;
  • in public service;
  • in warehouse hangars.

With such a set of attachments, MTZ tractors have an internal combustion engine with a power of 81 hp. and can reach a maximum speed of up to 35 km per hour. Thanks to these characteristics, such a wheeled tractor successfully performs the functions of a tractor, which is indispensable in off-road conditions and in rural areas.

Attachments KUHN: advantages of use and main characteristics

A universal mounted hauler, or KUHN, was developed for the needs of agriculture to mechanize the process of transporting and storing hay. Over time, this attachment was modified and adapted to perform a wide range of work with bulk and bulk cargo.

KUHN is a type of front loader that works on the basis of hydraulics. The Minsk Tractor Plant is constantly upgrading such attachments, thanks to which today, with the help of such a unit, it is possible to use MTZ tractors instead of various types of special equipment:

  • bulldozer;
  • excavator;
  • scheduler
  • loader.

The purchase of an MTZ wheeled tractor with KUHN allows significant savings for small companies specializing in the construction, agricultural, road and municipal sectors of the economy, allows you to significantly expand the scope of your activities and increase labor productivity during excavation and movement of goods. The company does not have to pay big money for highly specialized mechanisms, and then spend big money on their maintenance. Universal tractors “MTZ-80” and “MTZ-82”, equipped with KUHN, will help optimize the budget, increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs for special equipment.

Minsk tractors are distinguished by reliability, durability, economical maintenance. With their help, it is possible to effectively perform a wide range of work in the countryside and in the city by purchasing a kit for a KUHN wheeled tractor.


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