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What is a KUHN loader and how is it used on MTZ tractors?

MTZ tractor with KUHN loader is used in agriculture, for unloading and loading operations, as well as in construction. KUHN for MTZ is one of the most commonly used types of tractor attachments. There are several types of this equipment, some farmers even resort to the invention of self-made KUHN.

What is KUN?

KUHN on MTZ – (decoding as a universal mounted hauler) is a front-mounted attachment that works with the help of the tractor’s hydraulic system.

Initially, this device was designed to load silage or hay. As a result, KUHN for MTZ can work with various types of cargo, corresponding in size, as well as perform a large type of land management work. This unit is widely used for earthworks and for transporting goods in warehouses.


The KUHN tractor front loader has been successfully used for more than 50 years and has characterized itself as unpretentious in maintenance and easy to use. KUHN for MTZ tractors can be included in the machine package or purchased separately.

Features of the loader and the use of kun GENERAL
Front loader on MTZ KUHN GENERAL 2000 (the best-selling model), which is manufactured at the Agrokub plant. This model has been modernized more than once and today there is a multifunctional attachment.

Initially, KUHN is produced on MTZ tractors (in particular, on MTZ 80 and MTZ 82), but the universal boom mechanism makes it possible to use it in turn for completing tractors and other models, such as T-40 and YuMZ.

The use of an MTZ tractor with a KUHN loader has its own distinctive properties:

  • versatility – tractors can do the work of an excavator, loader or bulldozer, thanks to which this small equipment can be used in agriculture, construction, and clean up the territories;
  • greater efficiency;
  • reliability.

Loader design

KUHN for the tractor is made in the form of an arrow, which is controlled by 4 hydraulic cylinders – 2 of them take part in the process of lifting the boom and 2 control the angle of the bucket. The loader is controlled from the tractor driver’s cab.

The front loader plant also presents a wide range of additional shifting equipment that can be equipped with KUHN:

  • buckets with a volume of 0.75 to 1.25 cubic meters. m.;
  • bucket with grab;
  • jaw bucket;
  • pallet forks;
  • hay pitchfork;
  • capture for logs;
  • grab for bales;
  • running hook.

Characteristics of the loader on the tractor

  • loading capacity of loader KUHN 1600 kg;
  • working height when using the bucket is 4.2 m;
  • the loader is controlled from the distributor or from the joystick.

Types of loaders KUHN

The MTZ tractor can use two types of KUHN. The difference between these types of loaders is in the method of attaching attachments and load capacity:

  • Stationary loader (capacity 1200 kg)
  • Quick hitch loader (capacity 1600 kg)

Homemade KUHN on the MTZ tractor

Some farmers give the choice of making such attachments with their own hands. If you have certain skills, then it will not be difficult.

Of the advantages of self-made KUNs, one can name small financial costs and the ability to choose the length of the boom. However, it should be taken into account that too long boom and too much load can cause the tractor to tip over. For this reason, in the manufacture of a homemade loader, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the drawings and the technological process. One of the disadvantages of homemade loaders is a significant loss in the quality of the raw materials from which KUHN is made and its performance.

You can buy a quick-detachable front loader and other equipment for the Kun MTZ mounted loader on our website at the link.


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