Отгрузка модернизированного крана-манипулятора General Crane 6.5

Shipment of the upgraded General Crane 6.5 loader crane

Today we shipped a new upgraded General Crane 6.5 slewing crane!
⚙Characteristics :
✅Load capacity – 1500 kg
✅Working height – 6.5 m
✅Angle of rotation – 160 °
✅Boom radius – 4 m
✅Frame made of seamless pipe made of special alloy 8 mm thick
✅Convenient control from a 5-section distributor Hydraulic
✅lock system for safe operation
✅polymer paint, which ensures a very long service life of all elements, maximum protection against aggressive environments and corrosion!

If there is a need to transport bulky equipment, take away construction debris, transport any cargo, deliver building materials to the construction site, then there is no better assistant than the General loader crane.

One of the main advantages of modern loader cranes is high profitability: with the help of one piece of equipment, a huge amount of diverse work can be performed. It is clear to anyone familiar with the basics of arithmetic that the cost of one manipulator will be much less than the cost of several special-purpose machines, and economy plays an almost decisive role in the choice.

If you are used to renting a loader crane, then you probably know how much money it takes and how long it takes to deliver it, which is why buying a loader crane for personal needs is simply necessary if you constantly need to move heavy objects and goods! The operation of our General Crane 6.5 loader crane is very simple, so almost anyone can operate it. Installing a loader crane on a tractor does not take much time, and the use of such a unit brings positive emotions and saves strength, energy and money!

General Crane 6.5 1
General Crane 6.5 2
General Crane 6.5 3
General Crane 6.5 4


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