Малярный цех на заводе General Machines

Paint shop at General Machines

An important element of reliability and long service life in the production of agricultural machinery (front-end loaders (KUNs), cultivators, chopping choppers, rotary and harrow harrows, dumps, buckets) at MTZ, YuMZ, KhTZ, DTZ, John Deere, New Holland, Case) General Machines is painting. For this purpose, a special paint shop with spray booths has been created at our factory! Each detail goes through several stages before painting:
1. Thoroughly cleaned and polished
2. The entire surface is cleaned of dirt and dust, sandblasted and degreased
3. A high-quality foreign primer is applied
And the finishing stage is painting with premium polyurethane Italian paint!
Our premium quality polymer paint provides:

— Huge margin of strength and wear resistance.
— No harmful emissions during operation.
— Elasticity.
— Incredible resistance to aggressive environments.
— Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
— Resistance to temperature changes.
— Maximum resistance to corrosion

Малярный цех на заводе General Machines
Малярный цех на заводе General Machines фото 2
Малярный цех на заводе General Machines фото 3
Малярный цех фото 3


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