оборудования для тракторов General Machines

The Importance of Locksmithing in the Production of Tractor Attachments General Machines

Locksmith craft, associated with the processing of various materials, is the most ancient of the crafts. Even before the “bronze” and “iron” ages, ancient craftsmen made utensils and weapons, jewelry and tools for cultivating the land with stone axes. They became the forerunners of modern locksmiths.

In our time, the main base for every locksmith is the possession of general locksmith operations, which are the “skeleton” of locksmith skills. These include marking, cutting, straightening, bending, cutting, filing, drilling, countersinking and reaming holes, threading, scraping, lapping and finishing, riveting and soldering. These operations are performed with manual and mechanized tools, which every locksmith should be able to use.

A modern locksmith must also have the skills to perform simple work on metal-cutting machines (screw-cutting lathes, universal milling, surface grinding, cross-cutting), which allows replacing tedious manual processing of parts, facilitating and improving the quality of work performed. In the production of attachments for MTZ tractors (MTZ 80, MTZ 82, MTZ 892), YuMZ, KhTZ General Machines, locksmiths play an important role in production, making loader booms, racks, rear axle traction, perform work on cutting metal for buckets with a thickness up to 10 mm, they process and cut hydraulic pipes Hansa Flex (Germany), they produce: bushings, fittings, distributors, fingers, tightening screws, hydraulic cylinders, 50 mm rods, copying systems, 30 mm racks, knives on a hardened metal bucket and burst couplings .

оборудования для тракторов General Machines

The General Machines plant employs professional locksmiths of various groups from assemblers to electricians. All work is performed on advanced foreign equipment.


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